Maintaining a close relationship with our partners is important to us. This is one of the key factors of long-term and fruitful cooperation.

During our daily work we are guided by the following priorities for the purpose of serving our Clients on the highest possible quality standard:

„Innovation is essential in today’s world.” – we aspire in all of our activities to apply innovative solutions, modern technologies and techniques.

„Only professionals can create something that endures.” .” – we consider the contribution of our employees extremely significant in our achievements.

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Because our employees have the necessary tools and equipment as well as personal work safety equipment, valid fire protection qualification certifications and our welders have valid qualifications.

We devote special emphasis to the continuous training and education of our employees.

Our site is located in the central region of Hungary, in Kisapostag, but we accept assignments everywhere. We are gladly at your service.


Csúziker Ltd

  • Development of a vinery refrigeration system in the largest refrigerated fermenting capacity wine company of Central-Eastern Europe

  • Manufacturing 1,000-1,500 hl rust resistant containers

Samsung SDI Magyarország Ltd

  • Complete implementation of a technological cable system

Hankook Tire Hungary Ltd

  • Manufacturing pre-shaping components based on custom designed prototypes

  • Manufacturing forklift protective handrails

  • Manufacturing and installation of ventilation technology systems

  • Machine maintenance, drive motor repairs

Multisteel Hungary Ltd

  • Prefabrication of large diameter pipeline sections

MacDermid Alpha Hungary Ltd

  • Die-casting production, unique component manufacturing

  • Manufacturing a unique work safety steel structure

ISD Dunaferr Plc

  • Technological pipeline assembly

  • Replacement of chamber-gas pipe, disassembly, construction of a new system

Dunapack Ltd

  • Construction of a steam and condensed water pipeline system

  • Construction of ventilation technology systems

Hamburger Hungária Ltd

  • Construction of a steam and condensed water pipeline system

  • Construction of ventilation technology systems

Hungrana Ltd

  • Engineering assembly, manufacturing and maintenance of sugar industry systems

Unilever Magyarország Ltd

  • Manufacturing a reach-in protection system

  • Stage manufacturing

  • Conversion of pallet transport rollers