PÉTER HUNYA. managing director

My father was a turner, he really wanted me to follow in his footsteps and find the beauty of life in the same profession. But I saw my career going in a different direction and I wanted to be involved in a completely different profession. However, as fate brought, I was faced with the turning profession all the time. So when my father became very ill, I had to find a profession and activity which would not consume too much of my time, where I would not be some company’s employee. Freedom was important to me. Since from the aspect of my qualifications I had no idea about turning and metal structures at all, what I have achieved is a result of my flexibility and willpower.

Please, watch our introductory video, which provides a brief insight into our ranges of activity. Duna Steel Tech Ltd is a dynamically growing company with a secure professional background.


Our professional team comprises an optimal composition of young,
agile employees and many who have a long professional experience,
this we can successfully mix modern technologies with the dynamism of youth
as well as Hungarian ingenuity with European work ethics.

Our employees have the necessary tools and equipment as well as personal work safety equipment and valid fire protection qualification certifications. Our welders have valid qualifications. We devote special emphasis to the continuous training and education of our employees.


Our company possesses the welding facility certification in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 3834-2 standard. We are suitable for manufacturing, onsite assembly, conversion and repairing of pressure equipment and systems subject to Ministry of National Economy Decree No 44/2016 (28 November) on the Safety Requirements of Pressure Equipment and Assemblies. Furthermore, manufacturing, onsite assembly, conversion and repairing of welded structures subject to Ministry for Innovation and Technology Decree No 8/2018. (17 August).

As a result of a successful audit conducted by ÉMI-TÜV SÜD Ltd, we are licensed for manufacturing, onsite technological assemblies, conversion, repairing and the periodic inspection of leakage of storage containers, storage facilities of hazardous fluids or melts subject to Ministry of National Economy Decree No 1/2016 (5 January).

Our partner financial institution is Raiffeisen Bank Zrt,
who in the case of financing need for the implementation of a larger project provides bank loan guarantee on top of our company’s own resources.


Public media companies regularly initiate the collection of donations. Our company has from the very beginning supported initiatives serving charitable causes, with the purchase of gift packages.

  • We support and participate in organized environmental cleanup actions by the Eco-logistics Environmental Foundation.
  • We produced the bulletin board of a local kindergarten

  • We provide support for the Dunaújváros-Kisapostag Joint Evangelical Congregation.
  • We participated in the KÖSZ Hankook program, in which we renovated the Dunaújváros Fire Department Station.
  • We support the Hungarian Clowns for Sick Children Magyar